How do i prepare for m appointment?

We recommend that you wash and condition your hair right before your appointment (ideally also blow it out for braiding). We are more than happy to blow out your hair for you, but it will require more time.

If you’re getting a style that requires extensions, please purchase the hair and have it ready to go before your appointment or you can purchase hair from our salon selection.

Can i choose my own stylist?

Sure thing!  You  can request a specific stylist; however, because our stylists are matched to incoming appointments based on their availability we can’t guarantee that you’ll be matched to your requested stylist. We will, however, do our best!

What forms of payments do you accept?

we accept cash or cards

Does the price of weave installs include the cost of hair?

The price of our weave installs do not include the price of hair, thus we encourage you to purchase your own hair before your appointment.

Should i purchase my own braiding hair before my appointment?

We have hair available to purchase in store or  you can purchase your own braiding hair before your appointment.


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